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How can VIGO BPR Consulting help you?

  • Identify gaps in organizational processes and benchmark them against world standards.
  • Carry out BPR activity before roll out of vendor package in your organization
  • Continuously manage processes for any department and bring positive change.

Our BPR methodologies are designed to provide a rational approach to the creation of an effective organization. The benefits of our BPR approach are effective lines of communication, as well as a clear set of roles and responsibilities

Work side-by-side with you to identify all the processes that may impact you.
Prioritize those processes in order of redesign urgency. Identify and integrate information processing work into the real work that produces the information

  • Map out all your “as-in” processes
  • Identify any gaps and bottle necks in order to ensure that you have enough recommendations to choose from should you choose to change and rectify the processes being analyzed
  • Quickly identify geographically dispersed resources and asses the viability of them being centralized
  • Suggest “to-be” processes with address the identified gaps in the “As-In” process.
  • Recommend standardization where it’s most practical and sound
  • Management deliver immediate value through efficiency
  • Economies of scale using shared services environments as well as through continuous process improvements

Our Competitive Edge:

  • Use of Leading Practice, developed using a standardized Process Classification Framework
  • Industry specific intellect capital for conducting BPR
  • Availability of data and capabilities for conducting BPR.
  • Availability of data and capabilities to benchmark against world standards
  • Blended with tool based modeling

All industries are under enormous pressure to do more with less. With VIGO business Process Reengineeing Consulting Group, clients lower administrative and operating costs, more quickly provide new services, improve customer satisfaction and enhance focus on core business activities. Our BPS offering combine

  • Deep industry expertise
  • Flawless process execution
  • Technology capabilities
  • Scale with distinct partnership model

We carefully conform to your business needs while leveraging the inefficiencies and savings that come from VIGO’s balanced blend of global delivery options. The result is highly streamlined work processes and an enhanced level of efficiency and productivity

Experience and expertise:
Cross-insutry and inustry-focused offerings combined with accountable local partnership and high-value global delivery models

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