Amazing experience being MBA Faculty by bringing Innovation and practical solutions to enhance students learning by engaging them in real projects.

The opportunity to be among those lucky ones who got a chance to polish the diamonds by being MBA faculty during the current semester I took up the challenge to prepare my students not just according to the course out line i was suppose to teach rather I also included my own GRE word list too for all of my students. I told them the importance of it. How these words can bring them fortune in the years ahead?I shared with them the practical and real business World experiences which i gained from my work and travel across the world in past few years. What it takes them to be a real business person? I gave projects to My female MBA Islamic University Students to learn from Real Women Business Entrepreneurs and assigned to Interview them and learn from them and then develop presentations and reports about what kind of challenges they faced and how they over came those challenges?. Another individual project was about a business plan idea how to launch it in real? Each of them designed their own pane flexes Printed it 2 X 5 Feet Size and Exhibited it too in the previous term I gave similar students assignments to design their own Visiting Cards and Letter heads too.
In creative thinking class I was astonish to see the no of the students how students from other classes liked to sit in our classes. In this class they made creative Videos and all of them had very powerful social messages. They were encouraged to use their creativity to make this society and world a better place. For Lectures provided them some of the very powerful slides and images about creativity which enhanced their love for the course too. Gave them assignment about World art galleries and they developed their creativity by doing it. Beside whole course outline was covered and Mind mapping concept was a very unique learning for them.My both badges MBA 28 and 26 Students also had a combined Video case related team building and Creativity which was again a very valuable learning for students. I am confident to say that these both courses teaching methodology and activities are not less then an international standard Masters class.I helped them to improve their confidence in general , Presentation Skills , Tips and over all impression as Business Students , Dress and ethics, Morals and Values of Women. How they can work in any kind of environment and do not loose their sanity and keep their Integrity?.Importance of keeping a healthy distance with work mates and yet stay confident . I found my students very happy and cheerful through out the semester . I am glad that the prayer we did at first day, first class has been fulfilled. I take pride in my students and feel blessed that i have played my role and mentor them.
If we do justice to our roles nature ensures rewards .My students agreed with the fact that being a 4 GPA student is not enough as it is not the only guarantee of Success and they have learned that they don’t have to worry about the grade. They should only develop love for the subject and have passion for learning which will get them good grades too.