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About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

Who We Are?

VIGO is a global management consulting company working as an executive development center and growing towards becoming the World’s leading advisor on Business Strategy, Process Management, Leadership & Conference Management company due to its global reach, thoughtful leadership, hard hitting solution capabilities and devoted team. We use Business Process Reengineering as one of your most powerful strategic weapons! Drive down the time it takes to develop and deliver new products, dramatically reduce inventory and manufacturing time. Slash the cost of quality, and win market share. This strategy provides you with the means to do it. Substantial market share has been lost over years to foreign competitors. No industry is immune. The pressure is on to be the nothing less than the best. But being the best takes serious change and it’s no easy matter.
You’ve got to streamline your factories, systems and organizations, and open up lines of communication. You’ve got to break down barriers between departments and put an end to the “we’ve always done it this way” argument. You’ve got to get your employees highly involved in assuming new responsibilities if you’re going to compete in the global markets in the next decade. Whether you are a discrete product or process manufacturer, make-to-order or repetitive, or distributor.
Vigo BPR Consulting Group can help you increase your competitiveness by reducing throughput time, reducing lead times, increasing capacity, increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, through selection and implementation of the right manufacturing or distribution processes, or strategy for your company. We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management.
We serve companies wishing to become world-class performers. We get results!!!

Our Skills

Training 90%
Consulting 70%
Business Solutions 45%

Greetings Form The CEO Of VIGO Business Consulting

We believe that our success lies in our vision. We seek to abide by the key principles of client focus, accountability, responsible stewardship, professionalism, efficiency and transparency. Our client-driven strategy is guided by quality, creative solutions and a never ending search for better ways to serve.”


“VIGO Business Consulting Private Limited is a global management consulting company with its mission to become
World’s leading adviser on Business Strategy, Training and development, Process Management, Leadership & Conference Management Company through global reach, thoughtful leadership, hard hitting solution capabilities and devoted team”

VIGO’s Statement of Values

We are on toes of complete satisfaction of our clients. We offer quality, excellence and value in everything we do. We believe that the most important asset we have is our employees. We encourage professionalism and integrity of our employees which contributes to our success. We are committed and do not compromise to the importance of the quality of life of our employees and balance between their personal lives and their work. We will work to achieve best performance which is measured by return on investment, by regular growth, large and profitable. We assume responsibility as a citizen and to support the causes and cultural organizations and charities

Vision Statement

In selected industries, we are determined to be the leader in professionalism, quality and innovation.
Our team ensure technical excellence on top with a greater understanding of clients needs and the environment where our clients operate.
We are committed to work with different partnerships with our customers to add value which consistently overcome expectations

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