10 Essentials for Personality Development

 Personality development is an ongoing process that continues to happen throughout our lives, however most of the time, we need to put some time and effort and work on it, in order to look more charismatic and confident. One needs to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses and putting an effort in not only knowing yourself but also have a better understanding of your environment, culture. We at VIGO Business Consulting are ready to offer this opportunity by joining our Certificate Personality Development Program. We will train you to be “The New You” a better and more polished version of yourself that you never thought that you’d see. The different techniques you will learn by our training experts will stay with you all your life and will help you lead a happy, healthy and confident life. The following modules are designed by our experts keeping in mind the significance of each in the process of Personality Development

1:Etiquettes, Manners and Protocols:

While having any kind of communication with someone, it is important that we understand the significance of etiquettes, manners and protocols.

Our Etiquettes, Manners and Protocols module emphases on the code of conduct, accepted behaviour in a particular social group and different ways of acting correct, socially. This helps a person in both personal and professional life.

2: Communication Skills:

 Communication is one of the most necessary part of our lives, but to use it effectively is a skill that needs to be learned. It helps you not only in your personal life but also in your professional and social life. We offer a chance to train you with our experts who have trained many in such a key skill.

Our Communication Skills module will not only help you communicate accurately on any occasion whether it is conflict or discussion but it will also improve the quality of your life.

3:Arts and Appreciation of Arts:

Having an understanding of arts and the importance of Arts education is an essential part of human development. This improves learning. Some studies show that the practising and understanding of arts can even produce better motor skills and it helps improve emotional behaviour.

Our Arts and Appreciation of Arts module of Personality Development Program, is not only fixated on arts but also knowledge and understanding of timeless qualities that identify arts. This way you can better evaluate and improve yourself and your artwork.

4: Banking:

Banking is not only one of the things that an Economic graduate has to be aware of, but it is very vital for every person to understand.

Our Banking module will clear any confusion regarding the banking system and the sooner you learn it, the sooner you can reap all the benefits of understanding what smart Banking has to offer you.

5: Entrepreneurship:

An Entrepreneurial idea can change the face of the world. If an entrepreneur is successful, it might improve the way of our living. Not only has an entrepreneur had much to offer, an entrepreneur creates job opportunities as well.

Our Entrepreneurship module not only motivates you to follow the path of entrepreneurship, but it gives an opportunity to exercise freedom and have better self-esteem, which is important for Personality Development process.

6: Health and Nutrition:

Staying healthy physically and mentally is the only way you can enjoy and succeed in your life. One needs to have a healthy diet, exercise plan to stay alert and energetic.

Our Health and Nutrition module helps you understand what we are putting inside our bodies and how that is helping us live. What is nutrition and what do we need to survive.

7 : Interior Design:

 Having a great aesthetic sense is an integral part of our Personality Development Program. Understanding the different ways you can transform a poor interior to a pleasing one is important because it helps us utilize space in a way that is not only striking for us but for the outsiders.

Our Interior Design module will teach you on how to make an interior appealing and practical at the same time, no matter the size of the space.

8: Computer Skills:

 Living in the age of modern technology, it is very essential to be up to date with what it has to offer. Having a basic information of how the computers work and how to operate them is vital to survive in today’s world.

Our Computer Skills module focuses on delivering the computer key skills that we believe a person should have in order to compete with others and enhance your portfolio.

9: Spoken English:

 Any language can be mastered if learned with a proper plan and practiced frequently. English is a universal language, it provides a medium to communicate with almost anyone in the world.

Our Spoken English module offers how you can speak the language better, how to be more articulate and compose your sentences and how to communicate and speak better with other individuals.

10: Dressing right for an occasion:

 Understanding what the best fit is for you is a very essential thing to know while you are dressing for an occasion, also keeping in mind if what you are wearing is right or best for the wedding, business meeting or a job interview that you are invited to.Our finest trainers will guide you on how to present yourself right for the particular occasion. We also offer to help you understand why dressing right according to your body type is crucial.

Our Dressing right for an occasion module will assist you in understanding in not only on how to look your best but how you best present yourself to the others.

Note : Modules can be customized for corporate clients according to their organizational needs.

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